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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Mystery of Owls

My entire life I have been near owls. They have crossed my path many times and chose to live in the same environment with me many times. This picture was taken tonight in my back yard. This is one of the screech owls that have nested in my yard the past three years. You can hear them call all year long. I pulled out my "Animal Speak" book by Ted Andrews to refresh my memory about owls and the fun stories about the myth and mystery that surrounds them. The book says the owl is a symbol of the feminine, the moon, and the night. It has been called a cat with wings. The owl has been worshiped and hated. This book is fun and informative, if animals play an important role in your life you may enjoy reading about all the ancient myths and stories written about many kinds animals and the symbolism they may have in our lives. I am very honored that these creatures choose to live around me and I am some how always humbled each time I hear them or see them, I feel like I am being visited by an old friend. One of my favorite things to do is lay on my back on my front lawn, read the moon and watch the owls begin their day.~Jacque


  1. Wow Jacque! That is an incredible photo.
    I am a raven person now. But it used to be owls. And interestingly enough I have had some recent encounters w/ owls.
    Several years ago I encountered a baby owl standing in the middle of the road. I couldn't figure out what he was at first. He looked sort of like a cartoon character. It was an amazing experience. THEN I came across him again just a few weeks later. And a few weeks after that I came across another owl standing in the middle of the road. I have done much work w/ owl medicine.
    I love that you live w/ the owls! Enjoy!

  2. Although I rarely get to see one, I think owls are awesome and mysterious. ~Lori

  3. Aren't they a blast to watch? I have been checking on our owl pair everyday. Nothing so far. I know they are sitting on eggs because they don't move from the same spot except to turn around. I can't wait to see the babies. Ours are like 25-30 feet up the tree.