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Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking up!

This new creation is all about looking up. I have seen some of the most beautiful night skies. There are a few I remember like a photograph in my mind. The time we watched the total eclipse of the moon from the back of our truck at Folsom Lake, the night on the beach at Anchor Bay when the Milky Way was massive and we agreed we had never seen so many starts in our entire lives, and the sky above Rollins Lake on a clear summer night at family camp out, lying on the front lawn with my dog Mollie watching a late summer meteor shower, and when I was eight years old seeing the 7 moons of Jupiter on our telescope with my dad. Yesterday on our trip back from the beach James and I found shapes in the clouds and watched several rainbows, so I now have day skies to remember too! Keep looking up~Jacque

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  1. That is awesome!!! I love it!!!!(-: I am glad you had a nice trip and got back safely!!!