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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Beach Hearts!

Looking around my house for signs of Valentines and found one of my precious collections that has accumulated over the past six years!  James and I have shared many days on the beach over the past six years and he always seems to be able to gift me with a heart from each trip.  I love my little dish of hearts, they have love from the sea and James all rolled up into one. I have met many people on the beaches who also have heart rock collections, do you have any? 


  1. I don't have any, but I love how romantic your collection from your husband is...really sweet! ~Lori

  2. I LOVE those little beach hearts! I have one only that I found in Maui years ago. I carry it in my wallet. Take care, Sue

  3. thank you for joining in the giveaway...Feb 11 will be an exciting day.

    I spend my days making something out of nothing...would you be interested in any of my nothing?? hehe

  4. p.s. now that I landed here, somehow I feel like I've been here before

    let's chat.

  5. really, I am not stalking you...meant to add that I'm now a follower...sigh

  6. I've never heard of it 'til now. Beautiful. I'll look more closely next time. (And thanks for the compliment at my place.)

  7. Hi Jacque~
    Yes I am on Karen Bishop's e-mail list. I just love her.
    I LOVE finding new people w/ similar interests. It is just such a breath of fresh air...

  8. I have loved rocks since I was a little girl. But, as of yet...still haven't found one that looks like a heart! These are goregous...

    I haven't seen you in awhile, so just checking in to say "hey" and hope that all is going well!

    Have a beautiful and creative week!


  9. I also collect heart stones and have quite a large collection. I seem to find them at just the perfect moment. You have a lovely collection! You and I have so many collections in common!


  10. I do I do...I have heart rocks from all over!